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Audo AI Docs

Our noise removal API consists of a simple set of HTTP endpoints located under These endpoints are as follows:

  • POST /upload with an audio file to obtain <fileId>
  • POST /remove-noise with <fileId> to obtain <jobId>
  • GET /remove-noise/<jobId>/status to check the status of the job and get <downloadPath>
  • GET /<downloadPath> to download the processed audio file with noise removed

We'll cover these in more detail on the next page.

Getting an API key#

You can find your API key in the account page of the closed beta. For the rest of this guide we will use $AUDO_API_KEY to refer to this key. You can set it in a Linux terminal as follows:



In all calls to the API, include the header x-api-key: $AUDO_API_KEY. For example:

curl -X GET "" -H "x-api-key: $AUDO_API_KEY"
-> {"status":"success","detail":"Successfully authorized with api key"}

Provided that worked, you're all set up to start submitting audio. Follow to the next page to learn the specifics.